What Nobody Realized About Heimdall In Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War And The Thor Movies

Why Heimdall Saved Bruce Banner During Infinity War

Heimdall may have been Thor’s best friend, but he was also one of the most powerful citizens of Asgard. We last saw him show up during Avengers: Infinity War, where he made some rather questionable decisions. Just how did the all seeing master of the Bifrost Bridge not see Thanos coming and why did he choose to save Bruce Banner instead of Thor or even Loki? We’ll provide a hopefully satisfactory answer to at least one of those questions and talk about which of the Thor movies was actor Idris Elba’s favorite. If you’ve never obsessively read the comic books, you may not have realized the true cost of using “dark magic.”

What do you think of Heimdall’s actions and motivations during Infinity War?

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