‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ wins TV’s first-ever J.D. Power Award

Jimmy Kimmel Live! has just become the most reliable mid-sized late-night show in the business.

Over the past 15 years the show has received many accolades: Emmy awards, Writers Guild, Critic’s Choice, an NAACP Image Award and more Webbys than any show could ever want. But there is one award that has eluded not only Kimmel but every show on television. The J.D. Power Award. The J.D. Power Award is the gold standard for customer satisfaction and they give out awards out for all kinds of products: cars, banks and wireless providers. It has never been awarded to a TV show though and that didn’t seem right. So we called J.D. Power and got a meeting with their CEO Dave Habiger to find out what it would take to win one of their awards.

Kimmel sat down with J.D. Power CEO Dave Habiger to discuss why his show should win the award.  For example, he explained that like a car, his interior is very “roomy,” but thinks the show really excels in the area of affordability since it’s free to watch.

The two then came to an agreement. For the past two weeks, two ‘data scientists’ supposedly scrutinized the show to measure Jimmy Kimmel Live!’s “customer” experience.

The organization named Kimmel’s program the Most Reliable Midsize Late Night Talks Show With The Same Host for 15 Consecutive Years. Kimmel’s show also is the only midsize late night talk show currently on the air with the same host for 15 consecutive years.

And yes, it’s apparently real.  Although at the end of the segment was the disclaimer, “This award was given solely on eligibility and was not based on scientific research.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs weeknights at 11:30 p.m. on ABC.

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