The Deadpool 2 Reference That Meant A Lot To Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool 2 definitely dialed the pop culture references up to 11 — like making Cable’s gun go to 11, a reference to the famous extra-loud amp from This is Spinal Tap.

But one joke in particular likely went over the heads of most audience members, unless they happen to be massive Dave Matthews Band fans … like, say, Ryan Reynolds himself!

If you like enough obscure references to make Dennis Miller look like a vainglorious town cryer on a slow news day, Deadpool 2 is your flick. There are so many subtle nods that are oddly specific that it might take quite a few watches and pauses and rewinds just to get them all. Plus in the theater some went by so quickly that, with the rest of the crowd laughing, you might have missed a gem. Deadpool 2 definitely notched up the sly callouts to 11 — which, actually they did that too with Cable’s gun setting going to 11, a reference to Spinal Tap and their special amp. Is there any rhyme or reason to these obscure references? Surely some are just there to invoke a laugh, but are they all merely for yuks, or do some of them mean something more? One specifically seems to be very close to Ryan Reynolds’ heart … or his leg, at least.

As Deadpool and Weasel pore over the superhero interviews — thanks to Linkedin (another oddly specific joke), they talk about Bedlam. According to Marvel’s official site, Beldam is a mutant with electromagnetic powers, including those that can affect the human brain. Deadpool 2’s Bedlam (Terry Crews) has the same powers — and even messes with Mr. Pool and Weasel’s craniums to show ’em what he’s got. After shaking off a brain trauma, Deadpool quips, “So, basically, you’re Dave Matthews.” Unless you’re a crazed DMB fan who purposely rounds up tips to hit $41 so you can take a picture of it and share on social media with a DMB hashtag, it’s a pretty funny line. It’s also the epitome of low-hanging fruit; many comedians take shots at DMB, some more successfully than others. Sure, it’s not a flattering line for the band from Virginia, but Reynolds did his own little mea culpa a few scenes later that most everyone missed…

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