Arguably even more so than a movie, a TV show needs a great ending. Compared to the two hours of a film, a television series asks for tens of hours of investment across a number of years, and it can be gutting if the final few moments of something you’ve invested so much time in turn out to be a big disappointment.

A big part of that is the final shot. The last image you see on screen before the credits begin to roll one last time is, if done right (or sometimes because it’s done wrong) the one that will burn into your retinas and sear itself in your memory.


It might be because of the gorgeous cinematography, with an image so beautiful it can’t be forgotten anytime soon. Or, as is even more often the case, because it’s a shot so perfectly fitting with everything that has come before, capturing a feeling of pure elation or sheer devastation. Sometimes it’ll offer up a much-needed sense of closure, bringing the series to a conclusion that ties everything off neatly, and others will confound viewers and leave more questions than answers.

All of them featured here, however, were brilliant ways for TV shows to go out in serious style. (Contains spoilers for the shows named.)

15 Greatest Final Shots In TV Shows Ever

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