Inside The Life Of Ellen Degeneres

Ellen DeGeneres has done pretty much everything in the entertainment industry and now she can add her very own Netflix stand up comedy special, “Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable” to the mix. From “The Ellen Show” we know exactly what a wonderful person she is, but where is she from and who made Ellen into the wonderful powerful, LGBTQ positive woman she is today? Her partner, Portia De Rossi and her are deeply in love. Ellen’s evolution from unknown to fame, may not be easy, but it was one filled with hilarious stand up comedy…the only sad news is that her show may be ending. Watch TheTalko video to see Ellen before she was famous and how she became the inspiring comedy icon today; loved by literally everyone. Celebs and fans alike can’t get enough of this woman and we’ll tell you even more about this awesome human! Let’s dig in, grab your funny bone on this wild ride!

Video From:  TheTalko

Category: Featured

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