Hulu’s Craig Erwich on Whether Steve Martin, Selena Gomez and Martin Short Might Host the Oscars

Wearing his network hat on Tuesday, Hulu Originals and ABC Entertainment president Craig Erwich made news by revealing that the 2022 Oscars would include a host for the first time in three years. A day later, switching to his streaming cap, Erwich was back on the phone with Variety, touting Hulu’s haul of SAG Awards nominations.

Key among Hulu’s SAG nods is the hit comedy “Only Murders in the Building,” starring Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez.

Cue lightbulb flashing. Wouldn’t those stars be the perfect choice for Oscar hosts, and they’re sitting right there, in Disney Synergy Land, for all to see? Martin, Short and Gomez could show off their SAG Award-nominated chemistry to the Oscar stage, bringing laughs, music and appeal to a wide range of demographics. It’s almost too good to be true.

And yes, Erwich likes the idea. (But of course, the final decision isn’t up to just him — this is a call that the Academy, Oscars producer Will Packer and ABC must make in tandem.) Martin has hosted the Oscars three times, and although Short and Gomez haven’t, they’re all seasoned live performers.

“I mean, they are an iconic trio,” Erwich says. “Obviously we know that because [‘Only Murders’] is our most watched comedy ever. They have mass appeal. Everybody loves them. They’d be a dream. That said, there’s a lot of incredible talent we’re considering. We’re having ongoing conversations with Will and the Academy about it.”

Others on social media agree with the idea. “It would be pure joy and we need that,” Judd Apatow wrote on Twitter of Martin and Short, suggesting them as hosts in response to Variety’s Tuesday story about the return of an Oscar emcee. (Apatow didn’t include Gomez, but of course she’s the important ingredient to the trio that brings a new, youthful audience to the proceedings.)

Martin, Short and Gomez are currently shooting Season 2 of “Only Murders in the Building,” but given the importance of the Oscars to Disney, and the fact that Disney’s 20th TV produces the show for Disney’s Hulu, it seems like schedules can be worked out.

“Only Murders” landed three SAG nominations on Wednesday, including comedy ensemble and male actor in a comedy nods for Martin and Short. Making the media rounds, Short confirmed two new guest stars for Season 2, which Hulu confirmed and shared a bit more information: Amy Schumer will be playing herself on the series, while Shirley MacLaine plays a former resident of the Arconia who possesses information critical to the investigation.

As previously announced, Cara Delevingne has joined the cast of Season 2, while also returning is Tina Fey as podcaster Cinda Canning and Nathan Lane as shady hummus slinger Teddy Dimas.

“I can vouch for its excellence, having read the first six scripts,” Erwich says. “I think it picks up right where we left off and takes it to even greater places. It’s now a show that everybody wants to be a part of.”

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Hulu’s Craig Erwich on Whether Steve Martin, Selena Gomez and Martin Short Might Host the Oscars

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