Gumby Is Back: Classic Claymation Character Sets Up Shop at Fox

Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier announced on Tuesday that the network has acquired all rights to Gumby, Pokey and all their friends, from the estate of Joseph Clokey, whose father, Art Clokey, created the iconic claymation character in 1953.

The acquisition includes the full library of existing Gumby animated shows, specials, movies and content, which currently air on Fox-owned Tubi. The company now owns the rights to film, television and streaming, consumer products, licensing and publishing for the beloved green guy, who first made his appearance in Clokey’s 1953 short film “Gumbasia.” Internal teams are also working on reimagining the “Gumby” franchise for broadcast and streaming.

Fox issued a statement on behalf of Gumby, saying, “Picking a new home was important to me, and I’ve found great partners in FOX Entertainment. They have a vision for my modern, multi-platform reemergence, which is thrilling. Throughout our conversations, Pokey and I reiterated that we are talent they can mold. Literally.”

“Competition for globally recognized intellectual property is fierce. Uncovering this gem, with its built-in awareness and affinity, and bringing it to FOX, adds meaningful value and creative possibilities to the IP itself and to multiple divisions of our company,” said Collier. “Fox is proud to be home to these iconic characters. Welcome one and all.”

According to Fox, “internal teams are already hard at work both showcasing the classic Gumby series on Tubi and reimagining this beloved franchise for broadcast, streaming and beyond.”

“The Gumby Show,” aired from 1955 to 1968 and “Gumby’s Adventures” launched in 1988.

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Gumby Is Back: Classic Claymation Character Sets Up Shop at Fox

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