Broadcast Networks Adjust Monday Schedules For Trump’s Primetime Supreme Court Announcement

NBC has announced changes to their East Coast primetime schedule for Monday due to Donald Trump’s Supreme Court announcement.

American Ninja Warrior will air 8-9 PM ET. The Supreme Court announcement will air approximately 9-9:20 PM ET. American Ninja Warrior will continue 9:20-10:20 PM ET followed by Dateline NBC 10:20-11 PM.

EARLIER: Broadcast networks are gearing up for President Donald Trump’s Monday night primetime address in which he will name his nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court. Trump is scheduled to make his announcement at 9 PM ET.

CBS said today it will air a rebroadcast of NCIS: New Orleans at 9 PM, and move a scheduled original episode of Salvation to 10 PM, pre-empting an original episode of Elementary. Comedy series Mom and Man With a Plan will air at their regularly scheduled times of 8 PM and 8:30 PM, respectively.

ABC will air The Bachelorette in its regular 8 PM EST time slot but will break in for Trump’s announcement and return to the show afterward. Both The Bachelorette and The Proposal, which airs at 10 PM, will be seen in full. Local news will begin late on the East Coast, as will Jimmy Kimmel Live. West Coast programming will air as scheduled.

As with the selection of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, the Trump administration is taking extraordinary measures to build suspense and keep the final selection under wraps for as close to the announcement as possible. In the case of Gorsuch, he and federal appellate judge Thomas Hardiman were the established favorites, and there were reports that the White House had both travel to DC for the announcement to keep suspense high.

Hardiman is again said to be on Trump’s shortlist for the President’s second pick to the nation’s highest court within 18 months.

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Broadcast Networks Adjust Monday Schedules For Trump’s Primetime Supreme Court Announcement

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