“Rick, roll yourself back online.”

Those words are not directly spoken in the latest look at Westworld, but creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have certainly offered something up in line with that message. During a Reddit AMA this week, the creative minds behind the genre-bending HBO drama announced a surprising plan of attack in their ongoing efforts to challenge theory and spoiler culture around the show: by spoiling the show themselves. 

If their post received enough support from fans — 1,000 upvotes, to be exact — Nolan and Joy promised to release a video that would spoil the entire second season (premiering April 22) in vivid detail, as a means of defining the line between theories and spoilers. Asked about the validity of Nolan’s and Joy’s proposal, HBO issued the following statement to THR: “This is an initiative from the Westworld showrunners. We suggest you stay tuned to Reddit for their next move.”

Tune in indeed, as the next move has been made: Nolan’s and Joy’s post received more than enough support (more than 4,000 upvotes, as of this writing) to release the video, and true to their word, a video has been provided — if not quite as advertised.

Watch Nolan’s and Joy’s “spoiler-filled” video below, if you dare.

If you’re concerned about spoilers, don’t be. There don’t appear to be any.

The video opens with Jeffrey Wright, who plays Bernard and narrates the video, waking up on a beach next to a champagne flute. He says he can’t remember how he got there or what happened, and he’s questioned by park security.

There are bodies littered on the beach, and a gunshot is fired.

Viewers would have no reason to think these aren’t real plot details, the sort of innocuous teases you might find in any trailer.

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‘Westworld’ Creators Troll Internet With Season 2 “Spoiler” Video

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