Marvel icon Stan Lee may be one of the most famous faces in the comic book industry, with cameos in countless Marvel movies, but recently there has been increasing concern that the 95 year-old is being taken advantage of. In February 2018, Lee told the LAPD that someone had stolen $1.4 million from his bank account, not long after $850,000 of his money was used by his caregiver to buy a condominium.

Now, a chilling report suggests that Lee – whose wife, Joanie Lee, passed away last summer – is at the circle of a group of people with “bad intentions,” who are using the comic book creator’s fame and fortune to their own advantage. Those named in the report are: memorabilia dealer Keya Morgan; Lee’s former publicist and caregiver, Jerry Olivarez; Lee’s former road manager, Max Anderson; and Lee’s 67 year-old daughter, J.C. Lee.

The Hollywood Reporter obtained a notarized declaration signed by Lee, dated February 13th, 2018, which details J.C.’s history of living off his fortune without ever getting a meaningful job or her own source of income. The declaration states that J.C. consistently overspends and makes demands for more money from her father, and that it is “not uncommon” for her to spend $20,000-40,000 on credit cards in any given month. The declaration also details an incident on February 10th in which J.C. and her attorney, Kirk Schenck, showed up uninvited at Lee’s home and “demanded that I execute Grant Deeds and convey the Property to her.” The statement goes on to say that “this demand was not acceptable” to Lee, since the house is his principle residence and J.C. has already been provided for with both a home and a condominium.

However, Lee’s “primary gatekeeper,” Keya Morgan (whom the declaration alleges is a “bad actor,” “not trustworthy,” and “[has] used [his] relationship with J.C. to take advantage over my assets, property and money”) sent THR two videos that he filmed of Lee. In these videos, Lee says, “my relationship with my lovely daughter, J.C., is wonderful. My relationship with my good friend Keya Morgan is great.”

Towards the end of the first video, Morgan can be heard prompting Lee to talk about his macular degeneration. “Oh, to hell with that,” Lee says, and the video cuts away abruptly. The second video then begins with Lee addressing “why I signed [the] document,” saying that he has macular degeneration and is “almost blind,” and that the attorney who notarized the document “may have gotten me to sign something that I didn’t know what it was.”

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