Trump Goes Into 2024 Damage Control Mode, Tells Fox News He’s ‘Very Proud’ Of His Candidates

Former President Donald Trump downplayed the results of Tuesday’s midterm election in an interview with Fox News Digital on Wednesday after multiple reports surfaced saying the former president was “furious.”

“There is a fake news narrative that I was furious—it is just the opposite,” Trump told Fox News. “The people I endorsed did very well. I was batting 98.6% in the primaries, and 216 to 19 in the general election—that is amazing.”

“All these guys that are winning are my people,” added Trump.

“I really think we had great candidates that performed very well,” Trump continued. “Marco performed very well—I held a rally for him on Sunday.”

J.D. Vance performed very well,” Trump said. “Johnson won.”

Trump taking credit for Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) performance was particularly odd as Rubio undoubtedly rode the coattails of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) who won reelection by 20 points.

Likewise for Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), who was reelected to a third term on Tuesday night and distanced himself from Trump in the close race.

Trump addressed reports on Wednesday morning that he was “furious” with those around him who pushed him to endorse Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania, who lost his race.

An anonymous Trump adviser told CNN’s Jim Acosta that Trump was “livid” and “screaming at everyone” about the Oz outcome and was angry even at his wife, Melania Trump.

“Oz worked very hard, but there were forces against him,” Trump told Fox News, trying to counter that narrative. “Oz is a great guy. He had a lot of immovable forces against him.”

Trump noted that he was “very proud” of all the candidates he endorsed and jested that “they always perform better when I’m on the ticket.”

Many pundits and observers attributed the Democrat’s stronger than expected turn out on election day to Trump’s flury of activity the weekend before the election – as well as the speculation he might announce a 2024 run at any moment

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Trump Goes Into 2024 Damage Control Mode, Tells Fox News He’s ‘Very Proud’ Of His Candidates

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