While CNN’s viewers waited for Don Lemon to get rip-roaringly drunk, and those watching ABC made anti-vaccination remarks about Jenny McCarthy, Steve Harvey raised his own fuss on Fox.

In the above clip, Harvey stirred up a slight controversy on Twitter by declaring, “Three little black dudes singing the song better than any of the white people I know.” However, the genuine ruckus went down due to his amazingly warm outfit, but first, let’s get the most obvious joke out of the way. Folks wondered if Harvey would pull a Miss Universe repeatand announce the wrong year. It’s a valid question.

Now onto Harvey’s temperature-appropriate outfit. As many on-air personalities noted, Times Square hovered around 10 degrees Fahrenheit for most of the evening. So, Harvey prepared himself for an even more wicked windchill in an all-white ensemble that inspired a wealth of jokes. A sloshed Internet had great fun with this, even if someone got carried away with the Photoshop.


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Steve Harvey’s Bonkers Times Square Outfit Inspired People To Crack Some Wild Jokes

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