MSNBC Host Pans Jesse Watters’ Comments About Single Women Voters on Fox News

MSNBC’s Alicia Menendez said Fox News host Jesse Watters exhibited some “big incel vibes” while giving his analysis of Tuesday’s midterm elections.

“Incel” is shorthand for an involuntarily celibate person – usually a male who has difficulty finding a sexual partner.

Watters homed in on the fact that Republicans – who underperformed in races across the country – are getting clobbered by Democrats among single women voters in the polls.

“This makes sense when you think about how Democrat policies are designed to keep women single,” he said. “Once women get married, they vote Republican. Married women, married men go for Republicans by double digits. But single women and voters under 40 have been captured by Democrats.”

His conclusion?

“We need these ladies to get married. And it’s time to fall in love and just settle down. Guys, go put a ring on it.”

Appearing on Friday’s Deadline: White House, Menendez addressed Watters’ remarks.

“There was a lot of talk going into this election about whether or not the Obama coalition – that ascendant majority – could actually hold,” she said. “And the group we talk about the least is unmarried women, women who’ve never been married, women who’ve been married and are now divorced, women who’ve been married and are widowed. So, you’re actually talking about a broad cross-section of women. What do those women have in common? They are not married to someone who is often talking to them about their politics–”

“Or watching Fox News,” host Nicolle Wallace said.

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MSNBC Host Pans Jesse Watters’ Comments About Single Women Voters on Fox News

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