Lara Logan Dropped By UTA Over Fauci Nazi Doctor Comments

Lara Logan, the former 60 Minutes correspondent who as of late has earned a reputation for pushing conspiracy theories at Fox News, has been dropped by talent agency UTA over controversial comments she made about Dr. Anthony Fauci.

UTA chief communications officer Seth Oster confirmed to Mediaite that the agency cut ties with Logan several weeks ago.

The veteran journalist was dropped after she sparked controversy by comparing the top U.S. infectious diseases expert to Nazi doctor Josef Mengele on Fox News.

“What you see on Dr. Fauci – this is what people say to me: that he doesn’t represent science to them. He represents Joseph Mengele. Dr. Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor who did experiments on Jews during the second World War and in the concentration camps,” Logan told Fox host Pete Hegseth.

A UTA insider confirmed to Mediaite that Logan was let go over her “highly offensive” and “unacceptable” comments, which sparked outrage within the agency.

Logan was never employed by Fox News, but hosted a show on the network’s streaming platform Fox Nation (Lara Logan Has No Agenda), and appeared regularly on the cable network as an unpaid guest.

That is, until she compared Fauci to Auschwitz’s Angel of Death.

After that comment, which Logan made on Fox News Primetime on Nov. 29, she disappeared from the air at Fox News, and hasn’t been booked since.

The network has remained publicly quiet on Logan’s fate, amid outrage and calls for her firing. Logan herself apparently remains in the dark regarding her standing at the network.

“I don’t really know,” she said when asked about her standing with Fox in a recent interview reported by the Daily Beast.

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Lara Logan Dropped By UTA Over Fauci Nazi Doctor Comments

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