Once in a blue moon, the Internet can make something good happen. Like that time a guy started a $10 Kickstarter to make a potato salad and instead got over $55,000. Or that time Twitter willed a Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o heist movie into existence. Now, we’ve got something similarly inspiring: Jessica Chastain might actually star in the It sequel as Beverly.

As horror fans swarmed theaters to see the new It last fall, dream-casting for its sequel began almost instantly. Since filmgoers already knew that the second movie would feature adult versions of the characters played by child actors in the first film, the search was on for appropriate look-alikes. One of the most frequently floated pitches from the very beginning was Chastain as Beverly Marsh; even Sophia Lillis, who played the teenage version of Beverly in the first film, was fully on board. Oh, and so was Chastain herself. Now, Variety reports, Chastain actually is in early talks for the part. The sequel is due out next year, and will follow the reunited, all-grown-up Losers’ Club as they journey back to Derry to face off against Pennywise one more time.

To be fair, it wasn’t just Twitter that wanted Chastain for the part; in addition to Lillis, director Andy Muschietti and his sister, producer Barbara Muschietti, also named Chastain as one of their top picks for the role last fall. (Chastain and the Muschiettis had already worked together on the 2013 horror film Mama.) Either way, Chastain’s casting proves that it never hurts for fans to ask for what they want—because increasingly, it seems, they shall actually, possibly, receive it.

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Jessica Chastain May Star in the ‘It’ Sequel