Jay Z lived up to his lyrics — specifically, “big pimpin, spendin’ G’s” — on a recent night out. In just the span of one evening, the rapper dropped more than $100,000 on dinner and drinks for his friends, not to mention a $11,000 tip.

How exactly does one do that much damage? Start with a $13,000 dinner at Manhattan’s Zuma in celebration of his friend Juan “OG” Perez’s 50th birthday, as Page Six reports. After dinner, Jay allegedly proceeded to take his crew, which included his cousin Emory Jones, Jay Brown, and Roc Nation COO and Perez’s wife, out for drinks like his own D’Ussé cognac that totaled $9,000 at Made in Mexico. (True wealth is being so indifferent to spending money that you drop nearly 5 digits on a product by your own company, which, presumably, Jay has laying around his $120 million Bel-Air home.) The bulk of Jay Z’s spending binge, however, came after their second stop of the evening when he and his friends hit the club, Playroom. With only six people, per Page Six, Jay Z and company managed to rack up a $91,135 check (yes, you read that correctly) for 40 bottles of Ace of Spades Champagne, which Jay Z also happens to own. If 40 bottles of champagne sounds like a lot for six people that’s because Jay apparently gifted some of the bottles to other tables. But his generosity didn’t end there.

For his final act of goodwill on a Sunday night, Jay Z left an $11,000 tip on his bill at Playroom, which the server took a photo of and posted to Snapchat in disbelief, as Page Six reports. Of course, that’s merely a drop in the bucket of Jay Z and his wife Beyoncé’s combined wealth.

Last May, Jay Z and Beyoncé finally broke into the billionaire stratosphere. At that point, Forbes estimated his wealth at $810 million and Beyoncé’s at $350 million, according to CNN.

Jay Z isn’t the only rapper to be extra generous in recent weeks. Earlier in the month, Drake went on a charity spree that totaled over $175,000 as he cut checks for everyone from a University of Miami student to a Miami women’s shelter all in the name of his latest music video for “God’s Plan.”

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Jay Z Leaves $11,000 Tip After Dropping Over $100 K on Friends’ Night Out

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