How Hollywood Beat the Heat Amid Record Temperatures

As temperatures soared past three digits in L.A. on Saturday, Hollywood shared how they were keeping cool — or failing to — on social media.

Jennifer Lopez still opted for sweating, tweeting that she had gone to the gym and worked out in white snakeskin leggings. Halle Berry shared a photo at the beach. Paula Abdul asked for tips on keeping cool. But most simply resorted to wisecracking on Twitter.

“The only good thing about #HeatWaveLA is that it’s nice to feel like we’re in Hell physically instead of just emotionally,” Jimmy Kimmel Live! co-head writer and producer Danny Ricker joked.

“The #LAHeatwave is so hot.. I put my microwave on high just to cool my food off. #rimshot,” Dane Cook wrote.

High temperatures on Saturday morning have led to widespread power outages across the city: The LA Department of Water and Power told CNN that an estimated 34,500 customers, or 2.5 percent of their customers in total, are without power.

Amid the hot, dry weather, wildfires have sparked across the state in San Diego County, near the California-Oregon border, in Goleta and in Burbank.

The National Weather Service Los Angeles is predicting that hot weather will continue through Monday, with temperatures dropping slightly each day.

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How Hollywood Beat the Heat Amid Record Temperatures

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