Golden Globes – HFPA Members Can No Longer Receive Gifts

The days of trying to curry favor with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association by giving its members gifts, in the hope of being rewarded with Golden Globe Award nominations or wins, are over.

On Thursday, the HFPA — still trying to get back in Hollywood’s good graces months after a Los Angeles Times piece exposed demographic and ethical shortcomings of the group — approved new gift, travel and conflict of interest policies, including one which forbids members from accepting “promotional materials or other gifts from studios, publicists, actors, directors or others associated with motion pictures and television programs.”

The HFPA membership also approved the draft bylaws that it outlined in May, with no amendments. Those will next be put to a final vote in early August, at which time Hollywood’s studios, networks, talent and publicists — the constituencies whose threat of an HFPA boycott led NBC to refuse to air a Golden Globes ceremony in 2022 — will have to decide whether or not they are satisfied enough to resume relations with the organization.

(Excerpt) Read more in: The Hollywood Reporter

Golden Globes – HFPA Members Can No Longer Receive Gifts

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