Critics Choice Awards: ‘Oppenheimer,’ ‘Barbie,’ ‘The Bear,’ ‘Beef’ Win Big

The 29th annual Critics Choice Awards took place in Santa Monica on Sunday night, and the big winners of the night were OppenheimerThe HoldoversBarbieSuccessionBeef and The Bear.

Chelsea Handler, who hosted for the second year in a row, began her opening monologue by calling herself “microdose Barbie,” and made a dig at studio executives who were “forced to vacation” for six months due to the writers’ and actors’ strikes. She also honored the huge year we just had for women.

“Women were victorious in all venues,” Handler said. “Barbie at the box office, Taylor Swift and Beyonce with their tours, Gwyneth Paltrow and her ski trial. Women show up and dominate our culture. You could almost say it was the year of women. … Women could say that. Bill Maher would say, ‘Is she still talking?’”

The SeeHer Award, which honors the accurate portrayal of women and girls in media, was presented this year to America Ferrera by her Barbie co-star Robbie, who said Ferrera is never “scared to speak the truth.” Ferrera of course made waves for her monologue in the film in which she talks about how impossible it is to be a woman in today’s society. Ferrera then took the stage and called the award “meaningful” as she grew up yearning to see people on screen that looked like her.

“I grew up as a first generation Honduran American girl in love with TV, film and theater, who desperately wanted to be a part of a storytelling legacy that I could not see myself reflected in,” she said. “Of course I could feel myself in characters who were strong and complex, but these characters rarely, if ever, looked like me. I yearned to see people like myself on screen, as full humans.”

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Critics Choice Awards: ‘Oppenheimer,’ ‘Barbie,’ ‘The Bear,’ ‘Beef’ Win Big

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