Brian Kilmeade Blasts Trump Over 2020 Election Claim: ‘That’s an Outright Lie’

Brian Kilmeade took Donald Trump to task over his 2020 election claims and declared that the former president lied about Arizona’s election audit.

Trump has falsely claimed that the 2020 election was rigged against him in multiple states.

Kilmeade fielded a call on his radio show on Monday afternoon from a man named Logan, who described himself as a Trump supporter who is concerned about the former president’s obsession with 2020.

The host agreed and explained he spoke with two of Trump’s friends about the issue.

According to Kilmeade, they said that “after the Arizona rally, they called him up and said that was the worst speech you ever gave.”

He explained, “Nobody cares about your topics. There is so much to talk about that matters to you and I, Logan, right now about what’s happening in the Ukraine, how China is just forgetting about phase one, how they’re beginning to militarize everything around them, about to take Taiwan back. What’s happening here in this country… That’s what people wanna talk about. It’s not hard stuff.”

The host said Trump has genuine accomplishments that he could tout instead of the 2020 election. Kilmeade then referenced a claim Trump made about an audit of election results in Arizona. An audit there conducted at the behest of the Republican-controlled state legislature confirmed that Joe Biden won the state in 2020. Despite this, Trump said the audit found the opposite.

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Brian Kilmeade Blasts Trump Over 2020 Election Claim: ‘That’s an Outright Lie’

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