‘Atlanta’ Season 3 To Premiere Early 2022

FX chairman John Landgraf shared an update on the long-awaited return of Donald Glover’s Atlantaset for release in early 2022, during the network’s TCA presentation on Friday.

“We haven’t locked down the scheduling for Season 3 yet as it just finished shooting — it’s shot primarily in Europe,” Landgraf revealed during the executive session. “It’s in post-production and it’s a lengthy post-production process, and part of that is because they’re currently in production of Season 4 in Atlanta. All the scripts for that season have been written, and I absolutely adore the scripts for both seasons.”

He continued, “The reason I can’t lock down a date right now is that it’s being driven by Donald Glover and Hiro Morai’s schedule and availability and the length of post, both for Season 3 while in the process of producing Season 4. I did list is as one of the things coming back in the first half of 2022, that is our anticipation. I think we’ll be able to lock down an actual date for 3 and maybe for both cycles within the next couple of months.”

Glover was back to shooting Seasons 3 and 4 in Paris and Amsterdam in January after production was shut down the prior March due to the pandemic

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‘Atlanta’ Season 3 To Premiere Early 2022

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