Abby Lee Miller has lost a considerable amount of weight ever since she went to prison!

According to Extra, the “Dance Moms” star has already dropped 100 pounds within a span of six months. The controversial dance teacher also shared a photo of herself with her friends, including her “Dance Moms” co-teacher, Gianna Martello, visiting her in prison.

In the snap, Miller is wearing her prison uniform. Her hair and face are made up, and she’s also smiling from ear to ear. Her arms are obviously much thinner as well. In her caption, Miller apologized to her fans for the mistakes she has committed in the past and assured them that she’s learned her lesson.

Miller also debunked the rumors that suggested she’s acting like a diva behind bars. The 51-year-old Pittsburgh native said that all of those reports are untrue, and she’s made friends with both the inmates and staff in the facility. She also said that there’s no guarantee that she will be released in February for good behavior, contrary to reports made by Deadline.

Last week, the publication claimed that Miller will get out of prison in February, which is just half of her original year-long sentence. More specifically, Miller will be getting out of prison on Feb. 20, but the dance teacher said that nothing has been set yet.

Miller was indicted on 20 counts of fraud in October 2015. Almost a year later, she entered a guilty plea deal. She went to prison on July 12, 2017 and may be released for good behavior.

But even though she’s in prison, Miller still regularly updates her fans via her Instagram account. It is unclear whether or not Miller is allowed to bring her phone inside prison or if her secretary is the one that updates her accounts. Most recently, she shared a throwback video of Maddie Ziegler from “Dance Moms” Season 1, episode 1 performing one of her routines.

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How Is Abby Lee Miller In Prison? ‘Dance Moms’ Star Drops Weight

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