Much like a bad haircut, movies undergo plenty of work before they end up on our screens, cut and changed repeatedly until they’re happy with the final product. Whilst they might have been perfectly fine to begin with, people can’t help seeing what would happen if they just tweaked a little more, and more, and more, until the end result is something unrecognisable. Then you’re just left bald and regretful, and cold when there’s a breeze.

In movie terms then, these scenes are the eclectic range of hats that you can put on to see something a little different. Some are garish cowboy stetsons, some are nice woolly beanies, and some are those horrible multicolour spinning ones you always see on kids at theme parks. But enough about all that nonsense.

These deleted moments could have changed everything about the films we know and love. Whether they’re funny clips that transform your view of a character, plot points that switch up an entire movie’s worth of build up, or simple sections that would have offered a little more depth and humour to classic sequences – these are the moments that filmmakers thought it best we live without. But who are they to tell us what to do?

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8 Deleted Scenes That Almost Completely Changed Their Movies

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