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“Choose to be optimistic, it feels better” is a quote from the Dali Lama. It’s good advice, although it gets very hard to be optimistic about movies when the box office is saturated with reboots, rebrands and mismanaged DC flicks that tend to leave the bitter taste of disappointment in your mouth.

Be optimistic all you like, Mr. Lama, but you should maybe draw the line at the films that from the very get-go look like they’re on track to a worse cinematic experience than Titanic 2: Jack’s Revenge.

However, for every fumbled brilliant concept there’s a terrible one that ended up surprisingly bearable. Sometimes a film that has all the red flags in the world can still turn out pretty damned excellent, to be completely honest. Troubled productions, unachievable levels of ambition, cast members walking out (or even dying), confusing (or just outright terrible) premises and studio meddling should be the resounding knell of death for a movie, but not always.

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Some films endure. Some films overcome. Despite all the odds, some movies turn out way better than they had any right to be…

7 Movies Way Better Than They Had Any Right To Be

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