After a highly anticipated release, Ant-Man and the Wasp is expected to dominate the box office with a huge sting. The movie already soared to $11.5 million on Thursday night’s opening night and is expected to reach $85-95m in Friday night estimates.

Moviegoers are swarming to see the movie in theater and critics are all buzzing about the movie that proves size really doesn’t matter.

Evangeline Lilly gave a buzzworthy performance as the first leading female MCU character and Paul Rudd definitely didn’t disappoint his bug-eyed fans. The movie was filled with hilariously stingy jokes, memorable action scenes, and a truly wonderful family theme.

However, the movie revolved around a very scientific world and attempted to make sense of a Quantum Realm. Therefore, it’s only natural that it was filled with scientific gobblygook and things that simply didn’t make sense.

Although the writers tried to camouflage the buggy nonsense with funny jokes and witty remarks, we weren’t fooled. We caught all the character flaws, plot holes, and oddities that were circulating throughout the two-hour movie.

So, put on your bug eyes and get ready to break the hive mind because here are the 32 Things That Don’t Make Sense About Ant-Man And The Wasp!

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32 How Is Janet Able To Survive For 30 Years?

Thirty years ago, Janet Van Dyne stopped a nuclear warhead and got herself trapped in the Quantum Realm.

Her husband and daughter spent their entire life searching for her and we see their dreams come true in a very touching family moment.

However, underneath all the emotions and sweetness, we forget that Janet was stuck in the realm for thirty years – how did she survive for so long?

The average person can only go 21 days without food and three days without water. So what was Janet eating and drinking in a realm that seemed to be void of any food or water sources?

What was she doing for the past thirty human years?

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31 Why Didn’t Ant-Man Help The Avengers Fight Thanos?

We were told by the Infinity War writers that Ant-Man’s absence from Infinity War had to do with the events of Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Supposedly, Ant-Man wasn’t in Infinity War because he was under house arrest. However, in Ant-Man and the Wasp, it appears that he got his ankle monitor removed before the final Infinity War battle.

The mid-credit scene showed the entire Pym family vanishing from Thanos’ rage.

However, if they had time to create a tunnel on wheels and prepare a mission for Scott to return to the Quantum Realm, wouldn’t they have had time to help the Avengers after Scott got his monitor off?

Also, Scott violated his house arrest by helping Hope. Wouldn’t he have done the same for the fate of the universe?

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30. Why Are Hank And Hope In Trouble Under The Sokovia Accords?

At the beginning of the movie, we find out that Hank and Hope are on the run from the FBI because of their connections to Ant-Man.

According to Agent Woo, they are in trouble with the law because they built the tech that Ant-Man used in the events of Civil War.

However, how does building Ant-Man’s suit implicate them? This is like saying Einstein should have been arrested for developing the atomic bomb.

Also, how does the FBI even know that the suit was created by Hank? They never got ahold of the suit and Scott definitely wouldn’t have told on Hank and Hope.

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29. How Did Sonny Know About The Portable Lab And Why Was He Even In The Movie?

Sonny Burch was the only character in the movie that simply didn’t fit. He started out as the seller of Hank and Hope’s component and should’ve stayed in that role.

However, instead, he somehow obtains information that he doesn’t have access to, derails the entire movie, and detracts from Ghost’s villainous plot story.

Sonny magically recognizes that Hank and Hope have a portable lab that he’s never seen and reveals that a remote is needed to use it.

It appears as though he was just given this knowledge so that he could provide the movie with its necessary car chase scene and memorable fights. He had no other real purpose for being in the movie.

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32 Things That Don’t Make Sense About Ant-Man And The Wasp