24 Cancelled TV Shows That Ended On Major Cliffhangers

These shows were clearly meant to continue, but instead they just left us wanting more!

With television shows, some get to live out their full series run time and happily wrap up all loose ends before going off the air, while others get cancelled before their time, leaving audiences frustrated and confused, filled with questions that will never be answered. Some get to come back, either as movies or saved by another network, but most just fade into history. Some of the craziest TV cliffhangers are the ending of Alf, or the way V left just before it really got going. Southland didn’t get to finish out it’s days, and Off The Map left it’s main character bleeding out. Chasing Life raised more questions than answers, Reunion only got to air some of its first season, The Whispers ended with an abduction, The Family got pulled while the drama was high, and Lois and Clark ended with an unknown baby. Flash Forward frustrated fans, No Tomorrow would have exactly that, The Arrangement had the opposite of a happy ending, My Name Is Earl’ To Be Continued never would continue, and Heroes left us wondering about the character’s fates. Bored To Death was hardly a storybook ending, Hannibal’s cliffhanger was surprisingly literal, Deadwood claimed it’s ending was planned but fans know something else was going on, The Sarah Connor Chronicles ended up in the darkest timeline, The Event was cut off before it could even happen, and Pushing Daisies, Timeless, Angel, and Twin Peaks all got canned long before their time was up. Finally, fans still aren’t over the end of Firefly even after it’s movie, and Freaks and Geeks was never appreciated in its time.


Off The Map
Chasing Life
The Whispers
The Family
Lois & Clark
Flash Forward
No Tomorrow
The Arrangement
My Name Is Earl
Bored To Death
The Sarah Connor Chronicles
The Event
Pushing Daisies
Twin Peaks
Freaks and Geeks

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