Without Evidence, Jesse Watters Claims Joe Biden ‘Was Foreign Taking Bribes’ as Vice President

Fox News host Jesse Watters claimed without hesitation, equivocation, or evidence, that Joe Biden took bribes from foreign entities while he was vice president.

For good measure, he also baselessly claimed the FBI “caught” Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign in the act of taking campaign contributions from other countries.

Both acts Watters described would be violations of U.S. law.

On Monday, Special Counsel John Durham released his long-awaited report about his investigation into the FBI’s probe into whether Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign was colluding with the Russian government.

In the report, Durham said the FBI went too far with its investigation.

Hours later, Watters reacted to the news, claiming the report shows Clinton took foreign donations and Biden took bribes.

“We found out the FBI shut down two investigations into the Clintons,” he said. “Three separate FBI field offices said, ‘Wait a second, [the] Clinton Foundation is a foreign money laundering scam,’” Watters said, reflecting real concerns about the nonprofit taking donations from foreign entities. However, he then stated Clinton’s campaign also took such money.

“The Hillary Clinton campaign was taking illegal contributions from overseas,” Watters added. “FBI informants caught Hillary’s campaign saying, ‘Yeah, we’ll take your money. We don’t care. Albania, Morocco, just send us the checks.’”

Watters claimed the FBI shut down an investigation into this because the bureau regarded Clinton’s campaign as “off limits.”

But that’s not what Durham’s report says. Rather, it suggests that an overzealous FBI informant went rogue and made a “possibly illegal” donation to her campaign as an appetizer for a much larger one.

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Without Evidence, Jesse Watters Claims Joe Biden ‘Was Foreign Taking Bribes’ as Vice President

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