Fifty Shades fans will soon get reacquainted with Christian Grey’s BDSM “playroom” when the third movie in the trilogy, Fifty Shades Freed, is released on Friday. Until then, James Corden is introducing viewers to his own playroom — which contains toy trains instead of ropes and eye masks.

In a spoof of the movie franchise adapted from the E.L. James-penned Fifty Shades books, Corden introduces series star Jamie Dornan (who plays Grey) to his own “playroom” in a clip that premiered on Tuesday night’s Late Late Night. Dornan, not seduced by the idea, asks Corden what’s in the playroom. “Your Xbox and stuff?” he asks.

“It’s important that you know you can leave at any time,” Corden replies, mimicking the rhetoric of James’ books. “I meant what I said. My helicopter’s on standby to take you wherever you want to go.”

When Dornan gets impatient with the charade, Corden opens the door for him, revealing a massive set of train tracks and model trains on bureaus and counters. Dornan, uttering a “My God,” touches the trains and picks them up.

“That’s an original Hornby Railroad 462,” Cordan says. He puts a red bandana over Dornan’s eyes, then slides it to his neck, before crowning him with a striped hat. “Call me signal master,” he says.

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Watch James Corden Show ‘Fifty Shades’ Star Jamie Dornan His “Playroom”

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