Tucker Carlson Ignores Virtually Every George Santos Lie to Say the Media Covers Him for Lying About Playing Volleyball

Tucker Carlson utterly ignored the many lies of Rep. George Santos (R-NY) and discussed just two of the freshman congressman’s fabrications, which are fairly frivolous.

After being elected to represent New York’s third congressional district in November, the New York Times published a report indicating his life story was largely fraudulent. Santos falsely claimed to have gone to Baruch College on a volleyball scholarship and said he worked at Citibank and Goldman Sachs when he had not.

More seriously, Santos said he’s Jewish when he is not and even claimed his grandparents survived the Holocaust. Moreover, he falsely said his mother worked at the World Trade Center and died in the 9/11 attacks.

Naturally, Santos has generated much media coverage and is facing calls to resign as 78% of his constituents said he should, according to a poll.

But on Thursday, Carlson mocked the media’s coverage of the fiasco. He even ignored the more serious prevarications by, and questions about, Santos. Carlson did not mention, for example, he managed to lend his campaign $705,000 two years after he reported no assets and a $55,000 salary.

Carlson teed up a montage of pundits reporting on Santos by referencing the 9/11 attacks, but this had nothing to do with Santos’ lie about it. The montage contained only clips of media talking heads discussing Santos’ lies in general. The only specific lie mentioned in the snippets was his volleyball claim.

“George Santos is like 9/11 in human form,” Carlson said sarcastically. “Nothing will ever be the same now that George Santos is here. You will never forget the moment when you first saw George Santos.”

He reacted to the clips with more sarcasm.

“It’s not just that George Santos claimed he once played volleyball in college,” he said. “It’s worse than that. Indescribably worse. George Santos told other people out loud – and CNN can exclusively confirm this – that he had a volleyball scholarship, perhaps the most coved credential in collegiate sports. But he didn’t it was all a facade.”

The host went on in this fashion for two minutes.

“It’s like another insurrection,” he said. “And by the way, we are hearing tonight – we can’t confirm but we’re continuing our investigation into George Santos – there are reports tonight that he did not actually work at Citibank. He did not work at Citibank. No volleyball scholarship. Never worked at Citibank. What percentage of the people who voted for George Santos under false pretenses would have done so had they known he never played volleyball and never worked at Citibank? We can only guess. Obviously, a very small percentage.”

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Tucker Carlson Ignores Virtually Every George Santos Lie to Say the Media Covers Him for Lying About Playing Volleyball

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