Top 10 Cinematographers of All Time

This clip from CineFix looks back at best DPs to ever let light touch film. From every era, from all over the world, from all walks of life, these are the best cinematographers of all time.

The Picks:

10 – The beginnings, Billy Bitzer
9 – The Golden Age, Gregg Toland
8 – Transition to color, Robert Burks
7 – Technicolor and Cinemascope, Freddie Young
6 – New Hollywood, Vittorio Storaro
5 – Europe, Sven Nykvist
4 – Around the world, Kazuo Miyagawa
3 – 80’s and 90’s, Janusz Kaminski
2 – Women, Maryse Alberti
1 – Today, Roger Deakins

Video From: Cinefix

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