Even when your shelves are already groaning with prizes, it still feels good to be nominated for a Tony Award. Here’s what nominees had to say about earning nods on Tuesday.

Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond

The husband-and-wife duo are longtime collaborators (Ms. Fey writes, Mr. Richmond composes music) and had previously worked together on projects with musical components. But “Mean Girls” represents their first attempt at a full-length musical — and Ms. Fey’s Broadway debut. It was nominated for 12 awards, including for Ms. Fey’s book and for the score, by Mr. Richmond and his collaborator Nell Benjamin.

How does it feel to be sharing this moment?

TINA FEY It’s incredibly thrilling. I am just ecstatic that these nominations are coming to every department — they’re so well deserved. And I cannot lie: I cried a little bit in the middle of Equinox this morning, and not because my workout was too hard — I do not push myself at the gym.

JEFF RICHMOND I’m just happy for my wife because she so seldom gets any attention or recognition for things she does, so this is just great [laughter].

Tina, what is it about this nomination that’s affected you in a different way?

FEY Well, one, it takes five years to get a show up. And so you’re really, really invested in it, and it feels very personal. And two, it’s such a childhood dream. You go back to when you were a kid and going to see shows — getting a Playbill, dreaming of being in a Playbill some day.

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