‘This Has Nothing to Do With Hillary Clinton!’ – Tarlov Shoots Down Co-Hosts’ Criticism Of Trump Indictment

Jessica Tarlov, co-host of Fox New’s top-rated show The Five, argued that her co-hosts insisting to bring up Hillary Clinton’s emails when defending Donald Trump’s 37-criminal count indictment on Friday was ignoring the actual issue at hand – the fact that Trump allegedly compromised national security.

The heated exchange began with Judge Jeanine Pirro claiming she was “livid” and that she had lost faith in the justice system as a result of the indictment. “They should be ashamed and every American should be ashamed of what happened today,” Pirro raged as she concluded a lengthy tirade.

“Well said, Jessica. I assume you agree with most of that,” co-host Jesse Watters then said, giving Tarlov the floor.

“I was struck by a lot of what the judge just said, mostly the fact that she didn’t address the documents that were panning across the screen, that there were documents found in the bathroom, in the shower, in the ballroom, in his bedroom, in his office, that there were documents pertaining to our nuclear programs, pertaining to our weaknesses and our allies weaknesses. What makes us vulnerable,” Tarlov replied cooly, adding:

Clearly, a national security risk. What has been proven time and time again when it comes to this particular case is that Donald Trump and all the supporters have been lying to us about what happened. So first he went with everything was declassified because he’s magic and he could look at things and they become declassified. Now he’s on tape admitting the fact that he’s showing people Mark Meadows’s this team, when he’s trying to do the book, a document that was still classified, and that he knows that he doesn’t have the power to declassify it anymore because he’s no longer president. He said they were properly secured. I don’t think a toilet is a SCIF. Maybe I’m wrong.

“Better than a Corvette,” shot back Watters.

“There you go, misdirection, misdirection,” Tarlov retorted.

“That’s not misdirection,” Pirro replied as the conversation grew louder.

“Yes, it is!” Tarlov replied.

“That’s the whole point,” insisted Pirro.

“No, it’s not because in the B block, we’ll talk about Ukraine, and then I can hear about Viktor Shokin all over again. He also said that he complied with everything we know he flouted subpoenas, and now we know that he asked his lawyers to get rid of things,” Tarlov continued, detailing allegations in the indictment.

“It seems and yes, I’m not a lawyer, but I’m decently smart. I know some viewers don’t necessarily think that, but I’m telling you and a few of my teachers would agree that this seems like a pretty clear case of obstruction. And Jonathan Turley has been on our air all day talking about this and saying that these charges are the darlings of what they’re looking for, because they are easy to prove, especially when you have pictures of that,” Tarlov continued.

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‘This Has Nothing to Do With Hillary Clinton!’ – Tarlov Shoots Down Co-Hosts’ Criticism Of Trump Indictment

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