When the first season of Westworld ended, Kevin Durant hadn’t won an NBA title yet, Moana was still in theaters, and Barack Obama was still in the White House. A lot has changed since then.

The showrunners and HBO decided to push the show to 2018 to get the story right, which means people who’ve forgotten where the show left off can be formally forgiven.

So just to refresh: The first season of Westworld took place entirely in an amusement park where the 1 percent of the 1 percent pay huge sums of money to visit an old-timey Western town populated with humanoid robots, which the show calls “hosts.” The hosts, who are frequently beaten, murdered, and raped, don’t have a say in this arrangement, and following the rise of a software “glitch” which slowly allows the hosts to retain their memories, the hosts bug out and—in the finale—embark on an uprising.

Westworld has occupied a place in the internet-television conspiracy cottage industry once dominated by Lost and now Game of Thrones. The show’s fans are so fervent that showrunner Jonathan Nolan promised to release the details of the Season 2 plot in a video ahead of time if his Reddit post got enough upvotes. When it did, he released … an elaborate Rickroll.

For the fans who are not crawling through every corner of Reddit to parse each frame of each trailer for the next clue like Charlie in It’s Always SunnyWestworld can be intimidating. With the show returning on Sunday, April 22, let’s run through the biggest questions entering Season 2, including some that you might be too embarrassed to ask. (Depending on how spoiler-sensitive you are, you may want to stop reading here)

What Happens to the Park Now?

When we left off, the perpetually endangered damsel in distress, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), killed park creator Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) as a battalion of naked hosts proceeded to open fire on the Man in Black (Ed Harris) and the Delos board of directors. Inside the headquarters, rebellious madame Maeve (Thandie Newton) had just led a rampage of host-on-human violence.

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The Most Pressing Questions ‘Westworld’ Brings Into Season 2

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