Succession’s Sarah Snook Hopes Film Industry “Can Set A Precedent With AI”

Sarah Snook, star of Succession, says the film industry should “set a precedent” with new rules on the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Discussing the ongoing SAG-AFTRA dispute where AI remains one of the main sticking points, Snook told the BBC:

“It’s such unchartered landscape. We need stringent rules in place, in order to protect not just the acting industry, but across the board.

“If we can set a precedent for other industries in regard to how AI is utilised, then that’ll be huge. All the deep fake stuff that’s readily available is terrifying. The guy who does the Tom Cruise videos is uncanny.

“Imagine a company owning your image, your voice, creating propaganda. There are no words to describe how important this is right now to attend to.”

Snook said she supported the strike, and that not working had helped her deal with the huge comedown following the great success of Succession which finished earlier this year.

Snook will play all 26 characters in The Picture of Dorian Gray on the UK’s West End stage next year.

The story follows a young man who has a portrait painted of him. The portrait ages while he does not, and Snook spoke of the relevance of Oscar Wilde’s Victorian drama in the present day, reflecting:

“That’s like Instagram now. We take photos of ourselves, we put filters on ourselves. We’re constantly trying to preserve this image of now, but making now the future as well. There’s a sense of celebration of youth, desperate clinging to you, I feel that’s what Wilde was talking about.”

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Succession’s Sarah Snook Hopes Film Industry “Can Set A Precedent With AI”

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