Director Martin Scorsese, teaming up with screenwriter Michael Hirst to make a series about the Roman Empire.

No stranger to period pieces, Hirst has written both the dramas VIKINGS and THE TUDORS.  The new show, titled THE CAESARS, will tell the story of the early rulers of ancient Rome, beginning with the rise to power of Julius Caesar.

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 It’s an epic retelling of the religious story of Samson.

After losing the love of his life to a cruel Philistine ruler, the young Hebrew man with supernatural strength defends his people.  Answering the call of G-d, he goes on to sacrifice everything to avenge his love and his nation.  Billy Zane who plays the villainous King Baylek says the script really spoke to him in the action drama SAMSON.

Costarring Taylor James and Rutger Hauer, SAMSON opens on Friday.

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Ethan Hawke, set to play Nikola Tesla in a new biopic about the electricity pioneer.

Titled TESLA, the movie will chronicle the life of the Serbia-born inventor, including his creation of the A-C motor and his intense rivalry with Thomas Edison.  The film will reportedly be shopped to potential buyers at the European Film Market, which launches in Berlin this week.

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DVD Tuesday – Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson play parents to a fifth grade boy with facial deformities in the heartwarming drama WONDER, out on BluRay and DVD. 

And an idealistic defense attorney works his way through the overburdened Los Angeles criminal court system.  Denzel Washington stars in the film ROMAN J. ISRAEL, ESQUIRE. 

 Also out today (this week) – Bill Pullman plays a cowboy, out for revenge in the western flick…THE BALLAD OF LEFTY BROWN.

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Melissa McCarthy and Tiffany Haddish, teaming up to costar in a new action comedy for New Line Cinema and DC Entertainment. 

Titled THE KITCHEN, the movie is based on the comic book series of the same name. Set in the 1970s, the story follows a group of mob wives in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen that take over the family business after their husbands are arrested.

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She’s a newly-appointed British politician, celebrating her promotion by throwing a party for friends at her London apartment. 

But the upbeat ambience of the occasion shatters to pieces before dinner is even served, as festering secrets between the guests begin to surface.  Kristin Scott Thomas stars in the dramedy THE PARTY. 

Costarring Patricia Clarkson, Cherry Jones and Timothy Spall, THE PARTY opens in limited release opened on Friday.

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Michael Keaton, in talks to star in a new biopic.  It’s WHAT IS LIFE WORTH?

The movie follows Kenneth Feinberg, the powerful Washington lawyer put in charge of the September Eleventh Victim Compensation Fund.  After years of fighting the bureaucracy and politics associated with administering government funds, he eventually discovers what life is really worth.

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Set at the dawn of time, a caveman named Doug unites his tribe against a mighty enemy. 

Looking to avoid unnecessary bloodshed, they agree to a soccer match that will determine the future of their home.  Eddie Redmayne supplies the voice of Doug in the animated comedy EARLY MAN. 

 Costarring Tom Hiddleston and Maisie Williams, EARLY MAN opened on Friday.

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