Someone pass Trevor Noah some ointment because Piers Morgan just laid a sick burn on him.

British media personality Morgan tore into “Daily Show” host Noah after Noah characterized him as an “unf—able Colin Firth,’ suggesting that Noah is inferior to his “Daily Show” predecessor, Jon Stewart.

Morgan made his assessment in response to Noah’s segment on Morgan’s recent interview with President Donald Trump, declaring, “Now, Piers Morgan is not just an unf—able Colin Firth,” Noah said. “He’s also one of the winners of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice,’ so his sit-down with Trump was actually a reunion.”

Morgan unleashed his Twitter wit on Noah on Tuesday, firing back, “@Trevornoah – I agree I’m ‘not as f—able as Colin Firth’. But you’re not as funny as Jon Stewart. So we’re kinda even.”

Noah isn’t the first high-profile critic to rib Morgan over his interview with Trump — on Friday, no less an authority than “Hold On to the Nights” singer Richard Marx took Morgan to task, accusing him of being “cowardly” during his Trump interview.

Marx kicked things off with a reaction to a segment from the sit-down in which Morgan asked Trump about retweeting anti-Muslim videos posted by right-wing group Britain First.

“So the sitting POTUS admits he retweeted a far-right extremist group despite knowing ‘nothing about them’; begrudgingly apologizes; and @piersmorgan is too cowardly to call out the recklessness of his actions,” Marx wrote. “Modern ‘journalism’ in action.”

Marx’s assessment set off a back-and-forth that eventually found Morgan shooting back, “Wait a minute, are you THE Richard Marx – the guy who hasn’t had a hit this millennium? Jeez, no wonder you’re so bitter!”

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Piers Morgan Rips Trevor Noah After ‘Unf—able Colin Firth’ Dig

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