Marjorie Taylor Greene  Paid $100,000 For Kevin McCarthy’s Used Chapstick

The political partnership between Kevin McCarthy and Marjorie Taylor Greene entered a new level of strangeness when the Georgia congresswoman reportedly dropped a huge chunk of dough on…the House Speaker’s used chapstick.

Politico’s Olivia Beavers reported that House Republicans held a conference on Tuesday morning which consisted of a 15 minute fundraising auction for McCarthy’s chapstick. Greene won the auction, according to Beavers, with a bid of $100,000.

“Others bid on it as well, but MTG ultimately won,” Beavers reported on Twitter. “And as bidding went on, McCarthy would sweeten the deal, throwing in agreeing to attend a dinner with donors/supporters for whoever wins, Spox confirmed. The chapstick specifically was a Rep. Aaron Bean campaign chapstick.”

Beavers added that Greene didn’t bid on the chapstick until McCarthy upped the ante with the donor visit. She also produced a picture of Greene beaming with joy and showing off her prize.

Of course, some people might find it more than a little unbelievable that someone would seriously drop a small fortune for a used stick of lip balm. As such, Beavers tweets caught on like wildfire as news watchers shared their shock and bemusement.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Paid $100,000 For Kevin McCarthy’s Used Chapstick

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