‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ To Officially End With Season 12 On HBO

This is pretty, pretty, pretty sad news.

Curb Your Enthusiasm is officially coming to an end with Season 12 on HBO

Every season creator and star Larry David says that he’s ending the show, but this time it seems it’s real.

“As Curb comes to an end, I will now have the opportunity to finally shed this ‘Larry David’ persona and become the person God intended me to be – the thoughtful, kind, caring, considerate human being I was until I got derailed by portraying this malignant character,” said David. “And so ‘Larry David,’ I bid you farewell. Your misanthropy will not be missed. And for those of you who would like to get in touch with me, you can reach me at Doctors Without Borders.”

Season 12 will premiere February 4 and the 10-part series will air its finale April 7.

It’s been a fantastic run for the show, which started in 1999 as a one-hour special Larry David: Curb Your Enthusiasm (where David and his then wife Cheryl had kids, by the way).

The first season proper premiered in October 2000. The first eight seasons were pretty regular, coming ever year or every other year. But there was a big gap of over six years between seasons eight and nine and a three-year gap between season nine and 10, so it’s not out of the question that David changes his mind at some point and returns to the scriptless comedy.

In March, producer Jon Hayman caused noise on social media by saying that Season 12 was going to be its last.

Exec producer Jeff Schaffer, David’s longtime partner on the show, subsequently dampened this story by saying that “reports of our demise have been greatly exaggerated.”

“We literally just finished shooting last week. So, yeah, we’re done,” he said, adding that the crew, including David himself, ends each season with the expectation that the series may or may not continue.

Sadly, it seems this time, Hayman was right.

Casey Bloys, chairman and CEO, HBO & Max Content, previously said that the network leaves this decision to David and said that more seasons are an “open invitation.”

Curb stars David as an exaggerated version of himself living in L.A. (and for one fantastic season, New York). It stars Jeff Garlin as his manager and best friend; Susie Essman as Jeff’s expletive-laden wife (who can forget that carwash line in Season 3); Cheryl Hines as his ex-wife; J.B. Smoove as his roommate who never left after his Black family (also featuring Vivica A. Fox) appeared in Season 6 following Hurricane Katrina; Richard Lewis as his oldest pal; Ted Danson as himself, who at one point dates David’s ex-wife Cheryl; Vince Vaughn, who plays Freddy Funkhouser, the half-brother of Marty Funkhouser, played by the late, great Bob Einstein; and Tracey Ullman, who played Irma Kostroski, City Councilwoman (and for a moment his beautiful revolting girlfriend) in Season 11.

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‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ To Officially End With Season 12 On HBO

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