It’s not the plot of a Hollywood drama — Colin Firth’s wife confirms she waged an affair with a man she claims stalked her.

Livia Giuggioli, who’s been married to Firth for more than 20 years, admitted to her past relations with journalist Marco Brancaccia after he asserted to British newspaper The Times that Giuggioli made up the harassment accusation to cover up their romantic involvement.

Firth, 57, and Giuggioli, 48, are now confirming her affair with Brancaccia did take place, but contend the journalist’s harassment began later on.

“A few years ago Colin and Livia privately made the decision to separate,” a representative for Firth said in a statement to the Daily News. “During that time Livia briefly became involved with former friend Mr. Brancaccia. The Firths have since reunited.

“Subsequently, Mr. Brancaccia carried out a frightening campaign of harassment over several months, much of which is documented,” the statement continued. “As a consequence of his stalking, threats and refusal to desist, the legal complaint was lodged with the Italian authorities.”

Brancaccia, 55, claims his relationship with Giuggioli occurred from 2015 to 2016. Giuggioli’s allegations against the journalist, who works for an Italian press agency, prompted an investigation in Italy, according to The Times.

Brancaccia told the newspaper that Giuggioli “wanted to leave Colin for me.”

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Colin Firth’s Wife Admits She Had an Affair with Her Accused Stalker