Cindy Crawford is heading back to the Super Bowl: The model has recreated her iconic 1992 Super Bowl ad for Pepsi, now featuring her 18-year-old son.

Crawford recently filmed the commercial, which will debut at Super Bowl 52 on Feb. 4. It includes her son, Presley Walker Gerber, as well as footage from Michael Jackson’s memorable Pepsi commercial.

The 51-year-old said she didn’t hesitate to recreate the ad 26 years later, especially since she was able to work with her son. 

“Just as a mother, we drove to work together that day and we shared the same trailer. And when he was doing his thing, I was just a proud mom watching from the sidelines, trying not to annoy him,” she said in a phone interview Wednesday.

The new Super Bowl ad, dubbed “This Is The Pepsi,” is part of the company’s “Pepsi Generation” campaign honoring the brand’s 120-year history in pop culture.

Let’s take a look back and watch again this magical ad, as a young Cindy Crawford make millions of viewers stare in awe.

While we don’t have the new ad to watch yet, for some fun let’s now watch James and Cindy Crawford re-create her famous 1992 Pepsi commercial for Super Bowl 50.


To leave you with a peak at how Cindy might look in her newest Pepsi commercial, we found this clip from Vogue’s 73 questions with Cindy Crawford.

We can’t wait for half time in February!

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Cindy Crawford Recreates Iconic Super Bowl Ad 26 Years Later

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