Celebs Who Quietly Live In Small Town America

Part of the spoils of being a celebrity is the ability to live in a big, fancy, expensive house in Hollywood, or somewhere Hollywood-adjacent like Malibu or Beverly Hills. Or, if you happen to be a Broadway actor or talk show host, you might reside in a lavish apartment in Manhattan. But while Los Angeles and New York City are bursting with showbiz opportunities, they aren’t for everybody. Some celebs prefer a place where they can breathe, enjoy themselves, and avoid aggressive photographers and autograph-seeking fans. Since they can pretty much live anywhere and just travel for work when they need to, many choose to live like regular Americans, in beautiful, friendly, good old-fashioned small towns. Here are some of the stars who headed for the hills…

Taylor Swift
Jeff Daniels
David Letterman
John Mayer
Dave Chappelle
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
Meryl Streep
Zach Galifianakis
Steve Martin

Video From: Nicki Swift

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