Celebrities Impersonating Other Celebrities

Most Americans are not familiar with the British talk show, The Graham Norton Show.

Norton is a BAFTA Award-winning comedian who hosts his hour long show on BBC broadcast out of London.

Norton has top celebrities on his show and they open up with some of the zaniest conversations that you won’t quite see on American TV.

The host likes his cocktail and is always seen with a drink in hand.  While most of the show’s A-listers cautiously opt for water, others don’t let Graham drink alone. This certainly can add to the hilarity of the show.

Watching the show you genuinely get the feeling that the guests are having a good time. Every laugh and smile they crack during their press tour seem to culminate into one big moment on the Graham Norton couch. And this just makes the show so much more enjoyable.

In this clip you get to see celebrities do impressions of other celebrities.

If you like this bit, let us know and we’ll pull more celebrity impressions in the weeks to come.

Video From: The Graham Norton Show