Back in November, Carrie Underwood suffered a scary fall on stairs outside her home. The country star told her fans that she had to get more than 40 stitches in her face, and warned she “might look a little different” once she got back in front of a camera.

Months later, Underwood is clearly inching back into the spotlight, and she looks like she’s fully recovered—and ready to release new music, too. On Wednesday, Underwood posted a photo on Twitter and Instagram without a caption, showing herself in a recording studio. Half her face is visible, and it’s the first time she’s showed this much of her face since the accident.

Underwood was first spotted by a fan back in January, who said on social media that she “looked amazing.” The only injury visible in that photo was her broken wrist, which required surgery to mend. But Underwood kept her face off social media entirely until now, and any photo she posted would mostly obscure her face, or focus on her family and her husband, hockey player Mike Fisher, instead.

But what’s most important for fans is that she’s doing okay, and that we’ll likely be hearing more of her music very soon. She’s reportedly set to perform at the CMA Fest this June, and released a music video for “The Champion,” an Olympic anthem featuring Ludacris, earlier this year. And here’s hoping she’ll make an appearance at this year’s ACM Awards, too, since she’s nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year.

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Carrie Underwood Shows Her Face in One of Her First Photos Since Her Scary Fall

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