According to Omega Underground, Lucasfilm has hired Paul Inglis, the visionary mind behind SkyfallGame of ThronesPrometheusMission: Impossible – Rogue NationChildren of Men, and Blade Runner 2049, as the art director for Episode IX, which means that whatever happens in the movie, it sure will be easy on the eyes. J.J. Abrams revealed this week that they’d start shooting Episode IX sometime this summer.

His previous credits include SkyfallBlade Runner 2049Game of ThronesPrometheusMission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, and Children of Men.

Paul and his team of Lucasfilm artists, Abrams, and the production designer will come together to craft the overall look of the film. You can imagine after working on a labor-intensive production like Game of Thrones, Paul will bring something special to the table. Here is Paul speaking about his work on Thrones along with examples of the projects he’s previously worked on.

Having the Game of Thrones art director on board might help fuel speculation of the debut of the Knights of Ren. Scotland, is known for its rainy climate could this Knights of Ren shot from Force Awakens be previewing an altercation in Episode IX as Rey seems to be able to see into the future? It could also suggest a possible return to Vader’s Castle on Mustafar.

Inglis has also worked with creature effects lead Neal Scanlan on Prometheus. He isn’t the only Blade Runner alumni working on the film either as Episode IX’s costume designer Michael Kaplan worked on the original 1982 film.

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