In just 10 days, Black Panther has grossed more than $400M in North America and another $300M overseas.

Even as the Marvel Cinematic Universe installment fell 46.5% in its second weekend from its record-breaking opening, its domestic gross was still an estimated $108M. Not only does that make the movie only the fourth ever to make more than $100M in its second weekend of release, but that specific figure gives it the second-best second weekend of all time, after Star Wars: The Force Awakens. That’s without adjusting for inflation, however; otherwise, it’s still the fifth best.

Also before adjusting, Black Panther is now the fifth highest-grossing film in the MCU franchise. And that will change to third place after today, when the cultural milestone of a superhero movie passes both Captain America: Civil War and Iron Man 3 on the domestic chart. Taking inflation into account, its set to pass the first Iron Man today and could still rise above the other two by next weekend. What about the remaining two Marvel Studios productions? Black Panther has its sights on eventually surpassing Avengers: Age of Ultron and The Avengers, as well.

That’d be with our without the adjustment, by the way. And Black Panther could also top other Marvel movies at the global box office, too. For comparison, Age of Ultron (which dropped 59.6% in its second weekend) had only grossed $313.4M ($334.2M adjusted) domestic by its 10th day. By this point, though, its international take was up to $875.3M, due to its opening overseas earlier and having more of an immediate built-in appeal. The first Avengers had grossed just $373.1M in its first 10 days (dropping 50.3% in its second weekend), though that’s a better $421.8M with inflation. Worldwide, at this point The Avengers had already crossed the $1B mark.

So, Black Panther might just take a little longer, but so far it has better legs than any other Marvel movie — that 46.5% drop is even lower than Thor‘s previous record for the MCU of 47.2%. And its second-weekend theater average was higher than that of The Avengers. With a smaller screen count than many MCU titles, Black Panther is possibly still selling out shows, which is good for its image. There is still a chance that it’s not going to be so massive overseas that it can overtake even Iron Man 3, which did a lot better outside the US. For the time being, Black Panther is making the majority of its money (56.8%) at the domestic box office. Of course, the movie still has some other territories, including China, to enter.

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