Aisha Tyler Returns to ‘The Talk’ and Previews ‘Criminal Minds’ Finale Cliffhanger

Actress and director Aisha Tyler returns to “The Talk” on CBS as guest co-host. ‘It feels so good the be here with you guys’ says Tyler. Eve who replaced Tyler on the panel last October says, “My face hurts because I’ve been smiling the whole time. The energy has been really, really nice. So it’s been nice for me for you to be here to be the newbie.” Tyler recalls sending Eve “welcome” flowers once she got the hosting job reveals, “We met today, yeah!” Tyler also spills on tomorrow night’s season finale of “Criminal Minds.” “It’s a double hour. The first episode is a stand alone episode where we chase down the bad guy. The second episode is incredible because it starts out one way, it finishes another. It’s a cliffhanger.”

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