‘A Big Fat Nothing’: Mueller Investigator Slams Durham Report

Andrew Weissman, who was part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into whether Donald Trump colluded with the Russian government and obstructed justice, ripped the Durham report on Monday.

Special Counsel John Durham released his findings into the federal probe that looked into possible ties between Trump’s 2016 campaign and the Russian government. The report says the scope of the investigation was too broad.

Over four years, Durham prosecuted two defendants at trial, with both being found not guilty. A third defendant pleaded guilty to altering an email when seeking to obtain warrants against a former Trump adviser.

Weissmann appeared on Monday’s edition of Deadline: White House on MSNBC, and was asked about his team’s findings being scrutinized.

“What was it like to have your probe investigated for four years?” Nicolle Wallace asked.

“So, we were very aware… that there was going to be an investigation of us,” he said. “And you know what? Our view of that was, ‘Fine.’”

Weismann said he would be open to Durham’s conclusions if he believed it was a “good faith” examination. However, he said that wasn’t the case.

“You wanna talk about a witch hunt or sort of, real, wasted resources,” he said. “If John Durham was really just doing an investigation to talk about, what are better policies and practices that the FBI could have and was depoliticizing it, I would’ve been all for that and said, ‘Great. There’s no agency that can’t use greater scrutiny.’ But this was trying to say that there’s a big there, there when there’s no, there, there.”

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‘A Big Fat Nothing’: Mueller Investigator Slams Durham Report

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