Most A-listers live in one of three places: L.A., L.A., or L.A. And it makes sense: the City of Angels is, after all, the undisputed epicenter of the entertainment industry.

But for some celebs, the siren song of nightly red carpets and Beverly Hills infinity pools doesn’t quite do the trick. Instead, something a bit more humble has appeal: Hometown bliss.

Whether they moved back after scoring big, or simply never left in the first place, a select crop of A-listers live right in the locales they grew up in (albeit in way fancier digs). We’re talking places like Kentwood, Louisiana; Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee; and Yellow Springs, Ohio—all places far removed from the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, places that you or I might live. So read on—you just might find that your favorite celeb lives right next door.

23 Celebs Who Still Live in Their Hometown

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