Prepare yourself for the hysteric ugly crying you’re about to endure.

Valentine’s Day movies nowadays are no joke, and we’ve compiled some of the sappiest, mushiest, most melodramatic movies that will have your tear ducts swollen into next year. Or maybe you’re too cool for the water works. It’s fine. We don’t judge. Laughing and eye rolling are still viable options.

But first, let us explore what makes a movie a good “Valentine’s Day movie.”

The perfect Valentine’s Day movie calls for a certain series of events: a serendipitous meeting → a conflict → a declaration of love → an unfounded way to resolve the conflict → a dramatic and very emotional ending (a happy one is not required

Whether you “Netflix and chill” — I suppose you could even DVD and chill? — with a special someone in your life or cuddle up on the sofa by yourself, here’s a very brief (seriously, this is brief) list of 21 movies to get you into the Valentine’s Day spirit.


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21 Movies That Will Make You Laugh, Cry or Roll Your Eyes on Valentine’s Day

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