These days, it doesn’t take much for a movie to get a second life.

The big screen is filled with reboots of classic movies, many of which we wish were left alone. But for every handful of poorly-executed movie remakes out there, there’s one that stands out from the pack. A good reboot can replace hackneyed plot lines and lackluster performances with star talent and gripping scripts, creating something truly worthy of a fresh start. From horror classics to crime thrillers, we’ve rounded up the best movie reboots and remakes that outshine the originals.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Warner Bros./IMDB

While 1979’s Mad Max, starring Mel Gibson, is still heralded as a classic film by many action fans, the 2015 reboot surpasses the original’s glory.

With Charlize Theron as Fury Road’s protagonist, Imperator Furiosa, and a decidedly feminist message, the movie won over audiences around the world, even earning the admiration of those who might not otherwise pay to see a post-apocalyptic movie about cars and guns.

17 Movie Reboots Better Than The Original

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